Birmingham, Alabama – the Football Capital of the South – has likely had more pro football teams than any other city. None have been in the NFL, and all have failed. Quickly.


Veteran sportswriter Scott Adamson takes us on a fan’s-eye view of life with Brand X football. The Home Team: My Bromance with Off-Brand Football is the funny, somewhat tortured, journey of a fanatic’s life long quest for a hometown team of his own.


The Home Team is filled with trivia, history, heartache, and more trivia. And how game day hotdogs can be fatal to young romance. Adamson’s account of Birmingham’s unsinkable quest for pro football is for any fan whose hometown’s reach has exceeded its grasp.

The Home Team

  • Scott Adamson’s newspaper career began in 1987 and continued through 2017 when he retired from the industry and started his own website, During his three decades as a sports editor at newspapers in Alabama and South Carolina, he won numerous writing awards. His work has been honored by the Pro Football Writers of America, Football Writers Association of America, Alabama Associated Press, Alabama Press Association, and South Carolina Press Association. He has a short story published in “Chicken Soup For The Sports Fan’s Soul” and was a contributor to the book “Earning The Stripes,” which chronicled Clemson’s 2015 football season.

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